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Late Roman/Byzantine Bird Mosaic

Item Number: 20020
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Late Roman to Early Byzantine, 3rd-5th CE
22 5/8" (57.5 cm)
Eastern Mediterranean
From an old French collection


A very beautiful circular polychrome mosaic of a striding bird facing right with colorful body and wings. A rare example using glass tesserae to bring out the colors in the bird. Smalti, or colored glass, were cut from large slabs of glass that ranged from lightly tinted to opaque. The sheared, cut edge of the glass served as the top of the tesserae. It is this cut that gives Orsoni smalti its brilliance and stunning reflective qualities. These relatively fragile glass tesserae were used sparingly in floor mosaics to provide pure blues, reds, and greens that could not be found in the more durable natural stone.

Mosaics were a very popular art form in the ancient world. This piece would be absolutely beautiful mounted in a table or on a wall. We can offer an absolutely stunning custom Lucite table which allows you to live with your wonderful piece of ancient art and show it off, too.

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