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Islamic Ceramic Epigraphic Bowl

Item Number: 20141
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10-12th c. CE
9 3/8 inches
Fine and complete
Western Asia
Out of an old English collection.


This handsome Islamic bowl has an interior white ground decorated with banding and heavily stylized Kufic script in dark blue or black. The exterior was glazed but is heavily patinated. Short pedestal foot.

We can offer this bowl with an incredibly lucky pairing. (See our # 20464) The collector and present owner purchased these two Islamic bowls at different times in different countries! Yet look at the similarity in the Kufic script and design. They are both of the period (10- 14th c. CE) yet one (the larger) is in pristine condition while the smaller has the patina and obvious age of a thousand year old work of art. The pair are offered at $2200.

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