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Ancient Luristan Bronze Finial

Item Number: 5281
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1000 - 800 c. BCE
12" (30.5 cm)
Cast Bronze, nice patina commensurate with its age.
Ancient Persia, presently northwest Iran
Bought by present owner from Saidan in New York on 9/28/90


The Master of Animals. Rare to have all three original pieces. The ibex heads on curving attenuated necks at his shoulders symbolize his mastery over natural forces. Each animal has a mane made up of circular blobs running the length of the neck. The forms are highly stylized and simplified but the rhythm of the composition gives it great force. Mounted on custom stand
Ref. See P.R.S. Moorey, “Ancient Persian Bronzes in the Adam Collection”, plate. 77, pg. 107.

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