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Ancient Egyptian Framed Coptic Textile

Circa 3rd - 4th CE
Framed size 22" x 6 3/4"; unframed 18" x 2 3/4"
Linen and wool
Very fine with just a slight deterioration in bottom middle
Acquired from an old French collection.


The Coptic textiles of that era are commonly linen or wool. This piece has wheat, purple, black and brown coloring. The naturally occurring dyes were derived from madder, indigo, woad, saffron, murex shell and the kermes insect. This attractive textile piece has a linen matte and acid free mounting protected by a plastic lens. Coptic textiles are very collectible as some of the earliest textiles. Their survival in such wonderful condition is due to the Egyptian custom of burying them with the dead where they were subject to the extreme dryness of the Egyptian climate.
Custom acid free framing, displays beautifuly!

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