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Ancient Egyptian Very Rare Beeswax Amulet

Item Number: 5697
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30th Dynasty or early Ptolemaic Period, c. 380-330 BCE
3 1/2" (8.75 cm) without stand; 5" with stand
Excellent & Rare
Previously an old English collection acquired in London in 1970's by present owner


An ancient Egyptian beeswax amulet of one of the four sons of Ra (the Sun God). It is likely to be Amset or Mestha (human head) - "the statue or image". Each son protected one part of the body. Amset was the protector of the stomach and large intestine. The four sons are often shown standing together on a lotus flower before Osiris. These amulets were normally wrapped inside the mummy wrappings and usually in two pairs on the chest or stomach belong the winged scarab. From the sarcophagus of an Ibis. Very rare. On a custom old English collector's wooden stand.
Ref. "Amulets", W.M. Flinders Petrie, 1994, p.38
also "Mummies, Myth & Magic", Christine El Mahdy, 1989, p. 150

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