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Ancient Greek Volute Krater

Item Number: 10600
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4th/early 3rd c. BCE.
17 1/2"
Unglazed and painted ceramic with strong pigments
Beautiful with some restoration
Southern Italy
Present owner obtained it from a very old Bavarian collection


A very handsome large Canosan Volute Krater. Canosa was the ancient Greek area of Apulia where these wonderfully painted vases originated. Apulia is one of the regions in southern Italy (and Sicily) which since ancient times had been termed Magna Graecia. Red clay with red and black painting and white topcoat. Medusa heads and gorgons decorate the four sides of the roundels. Nike and palmette on either side of the neck. On the body of the piece can be found a Naiskos (or small shrine) surrounding an equestrian warrior on a rearing horse and wielding a spear. His cloak flying. An animated portrait conveying action and motion. The reverse shows a very stylized woman's head facing left.

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