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Ancient Roman Bronze Herm

Circa 1st Century CE
1" 3/4 w/o stand
Good, missing left arm and portion of right hand
Ex Wagner Collection, No. 6 tag attached at base. Wagner collected in the 1930's in Asia Minor by Mr. Wagner who worked in the Middle East and later lived on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.


The herm is a type of monument that takes its name from Hermes, the messenger god, who was also the protector of travelers, communities and houses, entrances and exits, as well as flocks. Herms were typically set up along thoroughfares and boundaries, at gates, and also at tombs. The region of Arkadia was rich in herds of sheep and goats. It is likely that this exceptionally fine bronze was dedicated at a sanctuary of Hermes. Detailed eyes and nose. Loop for suspending on chain. Custom Lucite stand.

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