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Ancient Gandharan Standing Bodhisattva

Item Number: 10612
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3rd - 4th CE
18" (46 cm) without stand; overall height 20". Weight = 8 kg
Grey schist
Very fine except for the missing right hand and chips from lower corner of robe. Small chip on right side of nimbus.
Western Asia
From the United Kingdom art market prior to 1980


A very attractive Ancient Gandharan Standing Bodhisattva mounted on a beautiful custom Lucite stand which adds 2" of height. He stands in the customary samabhanga (frontal posture) on a rectangular dais with flower decoration, nimbate (halo), in a loose robe with right arm raised (hand missing). A beautifully carved figure of grey schist. (Schist is a medium-grade metamorphic rock with medium to large grains of mica flakes in a preferred orientation i.e. Nearby mica flakes are roughly parallel.)

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