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Ancient Roman Mosaic In Custom Lucite Table

Item Number: 6584
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4th - 5th c. CE
33" square, 18" tall
Roman, Syria
Acquired by the present owner in Switzerland in the 1970's. Originally owned by a Lebanese collector who acquired them in Syria as a young man in the 1950's.


A genuine Roman mosaic inset in a custom Lucite table. Very pleasing geometric pattern in the colors that interior designers love. A central square with striped, stepped bands flanked by triangles or half-lozenges and rectangles in various rainbow-style motifs (a technique in which colored tesserae are arranged in a diagonal sequence rather than in rows.) A very high quality Lucite of imposing weight used to display the piece. The top lid lifts off to display the mosaic separately. A lower shelf for displaying other art objects or art books. This piece figured large in the "Ancient Mosaics" museum show sponsored by the Hallie Ford Museum of Art at Willamette University and is published in the catalogue for that show in 2009.
Most likely derived from the Orontes Valley.

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