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Ancient Gandharan Reliquary

Item Number: 10712
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2nd -3rd century CE
12 1/2"
Grey Schist stone
Very good, some chips
Collected by the present owner when he was living in England in late 60's.


A very large reliquary model of a Buddhist stupa, finely carved from grey schist into three sections with detailed relief. Circular large base supports a drum with dome top, geometric and wavy motifs, then capped with a six stepped finial resembling a spired pagoda. Compartment within originally used to contain physical remains and in latter days for jewelry or other precious object storage. Probably from current day northwest Pakistan.
Stupas were built to mark the remains and memories of notable personages, teachers or leaders. They were incorporated into early Buddhist art as symbols of the Shakyamuni Buddha after his final transcendence.

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