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Ancient Egyptian Ushabti

Item Number: 20405
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Third Intermediate Period - circa 945-715 BCE
5 3/4"
Good condition but some gloss lost, leaving a most attractive pale green with lovely mauve painted details very clear. A break across the top of the feet. Hieroglyphics are clear and readable.
In the collection of an American family since 1945, further information about available upon request.


This is a stunning and rare ushabti with an incredible provenance. Very attractive with good facial details. Its whole family history is available on request. The following is excerpted from a letter by Dr. Campbell Price, Curator of Egypt and the Sudan, Manchester Museum, The University of Manchester in the UK. It "depicts the 2nd Prophet of Amen, Pa-shery-en-lset (lit: "The child of Isis") who was buried in Middle Egypt at the site of Hermopolis, tomb no.2, found in 1926. For further details see the journal Annales du Service des Antiquites de l'Egypte no. 26, 1926, pp. 41-43. As so often happens, the finds from the tomb were split up and some entered the private art market - including this chap."

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