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Ancient Roman Glass Looped Handled Pitcher

1st - 3rd century CE
H= 4" or 9cm
From an old French collection.


Ancient Roman Glass pitcher, with an unusual looped handle which possibly is the early artists rendition of a ducks head. This is a wonderful example of the earliest glassmakers art, delicate, light, an elegant shape with a most unusual shaped handle. It is also unusual to find these in such perfect condition.
This one has a beautiful iridescence, with some of the black oxidation still covering part of the vessel. Should one elect to remove the rest of the oxidation, the whole vessel would be highly iridescent. Only the very rich in ancient times could afford
this new art form, blown glass. The work entailed in this piece was extensive, needing initial blowing, then putting on a pontil rod and forming, and finally the elegant handle would be applied. This pitcher would be an important addition to any serious
glass collectors collection.

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