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Ban Chiang Painted Pottery Vessel

Circa 1495 BCE
6" (14 cm) tall x 7" (18 cm) wide
Unglazed baked terracotta with polychrome
Very good
Acquired by the present owner during his residence in Paris in the 1970's at Drouot auction.


A beautiful prehistoric vessel in wonderful condition. Ban Chiang is considered the most important prehistoric settlement in Southeast Asia. The site presents the earliest evidence of farming and the manufacture and use of metals. In 1966, it was discovered as a large earthen mound (only 500 x 1350 meters by 8 meters high) in northeast Thailand, within the watershed of the Mekong RIver. Their people are responsible for advances in agriculture, animal domestication, ceramic and metal technology. The location is so treasured that it has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Much of it remains undisturbed as the local people continue to inhabit the mound and cultivate the rice fields that surround it.

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