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Ancient Egyptian Mummy Head Rest

Item Number: 10088
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26th Dynasty, 664-525 BCE
9" (21cm)
Very good
Acquired in the early 70's by the present owner from an old French collection.


Headrests were essential parts of the Egyptian sleeping area. Headrests of this type (constructed from two or more separate sections) are believed to have had several functions. The Egyptians normally slept on their sides and the curved upper section held the head above the bed. At their most prosaic, the headrests were frequently buried with the mummy providing a place to rest the deceased's head and were found inside the coffin. But also, the importance of having the head elevated was integral with their religious practices as it was intended to aid in resurrection mimicking the sun god rising above the horizon and playing a part in the "Opening of the Mouth" ceremony described in the "Book of the Dead."

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