Ancient Roman Glass Double Kohl Tube

Ancient Roman Glass Double Kohl Tube

Item Number: 10011


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Period: 2nd - 4th c. CE
Dimensions: H 6 1/2"
Material: Ancient Glass
Condition: Very Good, light incrustation on the inside
Region: Roman
Provenance: From an old French collection.
Two long tubes pinched and flattened in the center form the body. Transparent light green glass. In-folded, slightly flaring rim. Decorative coil handle still intact which is unusual. Long pontil mark visible on base. Long bronze applicators were often found in these double vases, suggesting they were used as containers for kohl, an eye cosmetic of the times.

Ref. "Fire and Sand, Ancient Glass in the Princeton University Art Museum", Anastassios Anonaras, Yale University Press, 2012, page 265, lot 434, for a very similar piece.