Ancient Chinese Han Dynasty Guardian Warrior

Ancient Chinese Han Dynasty Guardian Warrior

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Period: Western Han Dynasty 206 BCE - 08 CE
Dimensions: 42"; with stand 62"
Material: Baked terracotta with applied polychrome
Condition: Excellent condition, small area of restoration behind the left ear.
Region: Western Han
Provenance: Bought by present owner in the 1980's in Bath, England, from an old English collection.
This amazing surviving Han Dynasty treasure is just like the one the Chinese government loaned the Guggenheim in New York for the IBM sponsored exhibit. It was prominently displayed on one of the precious circular stairway spaces, along with the one terracotta army figure from Xian,

He is made of baked terracotta and has considerable traces of the original polychrome decoration. He is holding a sword or staff. Wonderful example of clothing and accessories from the western Han Dynasty . Very pleasant facial expression and details.
Included is a ThermoLuminescent Certificate which irrefutably authenticates the age. Includes custom display stand.