Ancient Greek Bronze Bust of Serapis

Ancient Greek Bronze Bust of Serapis

Item Number: 10653


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Period: 2nd century BCE to 1st C CE
Dimensions: 3 1/2" (9cm) with custom mount, bust alone 2 1/4 in.
Material: Bronze
Condition: Excellent for its age, good green patina, traces of the original gilding still visible
Region: Middle East
Provenance: From an old French collection
Beautifully detailed, custom mounted Ancient Roman Bronze bust of Serapis, circa 1st to 2nd century AD. Perhaps more than any other deity, Serapis embodies the multicultural nature of the ancient Mediterranean world. He was essentially a creation of the Greek rulers of Egypt, a conflation of the local gods Osiris and Apis, though depicted as Greek in appearance. He wears the möbius (grain basket) on top of his head, signifying his role as the god of plenty.

This head might have been placed as a dedication in a Serapeum.