Ancient Roman Mosaic of Gaia

Ancient Roman Mosaic of Gaia

Item Number: 10807


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Period: 3rd – 4th century CE
Dimensions: 67” (170 cm) x 62 ¼” (158 cm); 119 lbs. (54 kg.)
Condition: Excellent
Provenance: Formerly the property of a European gentleman who acquired it between 1970 and 1980 from a licensed dealer in Lebanon. Documentation available from import of his collection to the United States in 1988.
GE or Gaia Mother Earth Goddess (also spelled Gaea)

The personification of the earth. One of the primordial Greek deities. The ancestral mother of all life. The immediate parent of Uranus (the sky), from whose sexual union she bore the Titans (themselves parents of many of the Olympian gods) and the Giants, and of Pontus (the sea), from whose union she bore the primordial sea gods. Her equivalent in the Roman pantheon was Terra.
This is the centerpiece of a Four Season floor motif. Faces in the frame represent the “4 cycles of life” – observe how the faces age. Also depicted are pomegranates, symbols of fertility. The addition of expensive glass tesserae makes the mosaic more elegant and vivid.
Letters r H Gaia
Origin Syria