Ancient Chinese Seated Buddha

Ancient Chinese Seated Buddha

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Period: Circa 386 -534 CE
Dimensions: 35" x 14"
Region: Northern China
Magnificent Seated Buddha, Northern Wei Dynasty or later. The Wei Dynasty, also known as the Tuoba Wei, ruled in the north of China from 386 to 534 CE. They were receptive to foreign culture and embraced Buddhism during their reign. The carved figure is seated on a rock pedestal with octagonal lotus plinth, a serene expression on the face surmounted by an usnisa covered with tight curls and backed by the mandorla (right edge missing), wearing long flowing robes, left hand missing.

Ref. Similar figures minus heads from the Longmen caves, similar drapery and poses illustrated in "Buddha Figures, Gems of Longmen Sculpture", 1995, pl. 116