Ancient Roman Mosaic of Seduction

Ancient Roman Mosaic of Seduction

Item Number: 10716


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Period: Circa 2nd - 4th c. CE
Dimensions: 64” x 49”; 163 x 124 cm
Condition: Some loss in the corner
Region: Eastern Mediterranean
Provenance: Formerly the property of a European gentleman who acquired it between 1970 and 1980 from a licensed dealer in Lebanon. Documentation available from import of his collection to the United States in 1988
A wonderful pastoral scene of a shepherd and a stylishly dressed woman which to our knowledge has no adaptation from mythology. He is half naked and looking around to see if they are observed. He is lifting his robe in preparation for approaching the woman. She is reclining under the tree looking intently at the man. Pomegranates, the symbol of fertility, are visible on her belly.
This would most likely have been used as a decorative wall in a well-to-do Roman bedroom. We do not have the subsequent mosaic!!

Origin: Eastern Mediterranean, one of the so-called “mosaics of Antioch.”