Ancient Roman Mosaic of Gambolling Antelopes

Ancient Roman Mosaic of Gambolling Antelopes

Item Number: 10900


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Period: Period: 3rd – 4th c. CE
Dimensions: 48" x 22”; 122 x 56 cm
Condition: Small numbers of tesserae missing by leg.
Region: Roman Empire, Eastern Mediterranean
Provenance: Imported into US in 1980’s. Certificate of Authenticity and lifetime money back guarantee, as well as a packet of reference material accompanies this piece.
A charming fragment from a decorative wall depicting a pair of antelope cavorting toward a tree. The Romans loved to use animals in their tableaux to lend charm to their rooms. This lovely example is a very high quality ancient mosaic with small tesserae and very beautifully modeled figures capturing the liveliness of the animals! This mosaic could be used as wall decoration, in a floor or as a table with its useful size.

Ref. Similar pieces can be viewed in the “Mosaiques de Syrie”. Plate 62. They derive from Apamee, maison du Cerf. VI Siecle