Ancient Islamic Glazed Ceramic Bowl

Ancient Islamic Glazed Ceramic Bowl

Item Number: 20464


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Period: Circa 10-13th Century CE
Dimensions: 9 1/2" (21 cm)
Material: Glazed Ceramic
Condition: Excellent - slight chip on rim and few tiny places where glaze is missing
Region: Afghanistan (possibly?)
Provenance: From an old German collection
A beautiful example in extraordinary condition of an Islamic bowl with Kufic Script. The crisp black design is highlighted against a creme and rose background. Very attractive and displays beautifully.

We can offer this bowl with an incredibly lucky pairing of purchases. (See our # 20141) The collector and present owner purchased these two Islamic bowls at different times in different countries! Yet look at the similarity in the Kufic script and design. They are both of the period (10- 14th c. CE) yet one (the larger 20464) is in pristine condition while the smaller no.20141 has the patina and obvious age of a thousand year old work of art. Pair are offered at $2200.